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Amber Ridge HOA

Families and friends, working together for our Community

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Pay Homeowner Dues Online

You can now pay annual Homeowner Dues online using Paypal.

We have several options to pay annual dues.  Select from the drop down menu to select a payment amount and then click the "Pay Now" button to be forwarded to Paypal to complete your transaction.


Need to pay a different amount from the above drop down?  Enter in a specific dollar amount into the input box below and then click the "Pay Now" button to be forwarded to Paypal to complete your transaction.

Note: This may open a new window or tab in your browser. If it doesn't work the first time, try enabling pop-ups for this site on your browser.

Thank you for using online payments!

Community Reminders:  To help ensure the safety of all residents and property these are codes and rules we all must or should follow.

Curfew hours: Children less than 15 years old cannot be in a public place after 11 pm or before 5 am on any day children 15-17 years old have the same curfew as above, except on it is 1 am on the weekend (Sat and Sun 1 am)  If anyone sees children out during curfew times they need to call the non emergency number 317-327-3811.

Ponds / Common Areas: If there are any kids in a pond (not by it or around it, but actually in it ) please call the non emergency number 317-327-3811.

Coyotes have been spotted in the field. Be aware they are around the neighborhood.

Parking:  If someone is parking by a fire hydrant, also call the non emergency number.

No Parking On Grass (City of Indianapolis Ordinance).  
Any vehicle parked on any grass surface is subject to towing.

Residents with boats will be sent a 7-day removal letter, or will be prosecuted.

If cars are parked within 5 feet of the new 96 gallon trash cans, they will not be picked up.

Any car, in any driveway, must have ALL four wheels in the driveway, or this is considered illegally parked.

Crime Watch Tip: Take your garage door opener into the house are night. don't leave it in the car. 

Lawn Care TipKeep your lawns mowed. The Mayor's office is big on keeping Indianapolis beautiful so if there are weeds and grass over 12 inches tall notify the Mayor's Action Center online.

Please remember that trash cans need to be stored in your garage - not in front of your house, on your front porch or the side of your house.  Help keep our community looking nice!!!

Please DO NOT feed the wildlife within the community.  Human food ruins their health and encourages unnatural behavior.

Though seemingly tame creatures, these wild animals may bite and scratch and can inflict serious injuries.

By-Laws and Covenants
The newly revised Covenants and By-Laws are now available on this site. If a resident would like a hard copy of them, please notify the HOA board.  For a fee, they will be printed out and mailed to you.  The new Covenants are available for viewing on the website under the Our Rules navigation menu on the left.



Upset over a neighbor parking in front of your house?


Does your neighbor have a barking dog that keeps you awake at night?


Your first course of action is to contact the offending neighbor and ask for their cooperation.  


Your second course of action is to contact the proper authorities.  Most are listed on the Resources page or you can use the Service Request Form.


The Board appreciates being included in the process, but the Board does not serve to settle squabbles between neighbors. 


Please remember - if you want the Covenants strictly enforced, they will be strictly enforced for all residents.  You as a member of this Community will be paying the cost of legal proceedings if they are necessary.  These expense will be reflected in your Annual Assessment.

Amber Ridge Homeowners Assn.

Have a Small Business or Talent? 

Several of us have small businesses we are involved in or special talents that can be shared.  Please provide the H.O.A. a link to your site- we would like to include your information on the website.


Amber Ridge Homeowners Assn.

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